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I'm finally done with my CCNP! I took the TSHOOT exam this morning, passed 1000/1000. What a FUN exam, very real world. For those who are currently working on obtaining a CCNP, if you master SWITH and ROUTE, TSHOOT will be easy. Another tip, I would take the exams in the following order: SWITCH, ROUTE, TSHOOT.

I have most of the recommended CCIE books already so I'm going to dive right into it. icon_cheers.gificon_study.gif
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    ----CCNP goal----
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    What books do you have? plan on getting for you CCIE:R+S?

    Congratulations, by the way!
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  • dtrujillo63dtrujillo63 Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
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    Congrats! How long did you wait between ROUTE and TSHOOT? Did you do it straight away?

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    wave wrote: »
    Congrats! How long did you wait between ROUTE and TSHOOT? Did you do it straight away?

    Thanks. I took ROUTE on 8/24 and I took TSHOOT today so it was about one month in-between the two exams. For TSHOOT, I watched CBT Nuggets, read the OCG, and spent countless hours on GNS3.
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    Congrats on your NP!
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    Congrats!!!! I just passed CCNP route today, wow that's a tough test.
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    Congrats to dtrujillo63 on passing TSHOOT and obtaining your CCNP! Congratulations, f0rgiv3n, on passing ROUTE! icon_thumright.gif
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    :study:Reading: CCNP Route FLG, Routing TCP/IP Vol. 1
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    Wow! Major congrats on that 1000/1000
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    Woot! Congrats on the pass and a bloody good score, too!
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    Congratz!! I hope to be there soon myself.
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    Congrats on the perfect score!
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    wow, very impressive accomplishment! do you have any prior IT experience or certs outside of cisco? i don't have cisco experience but i plan following the same path and not stopping in between test. very inspirational. congrats, thank you and good luck.
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    Just passed my SWITCH on friday, starting to study for ROUTE. My company is all cisco all EIGRP. never have i had to do any bgp or vrf. i've only dealt with ospf that was already configured. and definitely no redistribution. seems like definite weak point for me, although i've heard on this forum that SWITCH was harder for a lot of people.. I think i'm going to do ARCH after TSHOOT and just knock out CCNP/CCDP at the same time. I have a goal of CCNP before I turn 30 in january.
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