How to do VLSM??

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Hey guys. I want to learn vlsm and i get the basic but i want to know how to do complex ones like the one i found online.


The Hotwire Pty Ltd (HPL) is a consulting company that advises clients about technical
requirements and solutions options available for their networks. Clients who accept advice
from HPL use this information to decide which option they will implement in their corporate
structure. As a result HPL must always provide a costed range of option for their clients.
Currently they have a small IT retail client, Web Development Company (WDC) that is
anticipating a large expansion program over the next 5 years. This client has its head office in
the city and one branch office in Parramatta. The following expansion is anticipated:

1. Additional branches at Penrith and Hornsby.

2. A greater use of mobile workers who will connect to the Parramatta Branch using
whatever Internet connections are available in different locations.

3. An increased On-Line presence for retail marketing and sales, to be based at Penrith.
The client employs developers to create Web Pages and Applications, markets these to clients
outlets as well as selling them online. The following lists the current physical structure:

1. The Head Office City

a. Management Team – 12 employees

b. Developers – 300 employees

c. Sales – 20 employees
Parramatta Office

d. Marketing Team – 40 employees

e. Retail Sales – 10 employees

f. Online Sales Team – 20 employees

g. Dispatch and Accounts Team – 14 employees
Under the new expanded structure it is expected that both Head Office and Parramatta will
double in size and employee numbers. It will therefore be necessary to rebuild the company’s
network at these two locations. In addition the following new branches are expected to have
the following structure:

1. Penrith will have a retail sales outlet with online sales support as well as an accounts

a. Retail Sales -12 employees

b. Online Sales Support – 35 employees

c.Accounts – 6 employees

2.Hornsby will have a smaller outlet for sales, with all accounts being processed by

a. Retail Sales -8 employees

b.Online sales -2 employees

3.Mobile Workers will be employed in other Australian cities. They will be individual
employees who are based from their home, but will be able to travel anywhere the
company requires. They are primarily technical people who will provide sales and
support in the cities where they live. This team of Teleworkers is expected to grow to
10 employees over the next 5 years.

All Internet connections will pass through the company’s portal at Parramatta, where the
company’s server and Online Sales are located. From Parramatta each company site will be
connected using point-to-point fibre connections providing high bandwidth across the
company’s Intranet.

I know its long but itll be great if someone could teach me how to do it step by step. Thanks


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    If you search around the forum you will find others that have asked the same question and have received clear explanations on how to do it. Do you have CCNA book? Those will also clearly show you how to do it.
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    I tried but there was nothing similar to that and I have been working on this question so it will really help me understand the concept of VLSM is i do this question to the end and yes i do have the book and im attempting the question from reading the book
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    You've been working on it, so what do you have so far?
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    Like i have organised them from largest to smallest in order to assign them ip addresses. But i dno what ip address to give them, class a, b or c??
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    sam420 wrote: »
    Like i have organised them from largest to smallest in order to assign them ip addresses. But i dno what ip address to give them, class a, b or c??

    Since the scenario didn't supply an IP range, the choice is up to you. I'd work through it multiple times using a range from each class. The extra practice never hurts :)
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