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DELETE THIS POST!!! sorry for this :D


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    At $2.02/hour, yes, you are underpaid :D

    Seriously, it sounds like you have some good experience and education. What are other company's in your area paying for people with similar roles and responsibilities?

    I work south of Seattle and in my area, Help Desk pay ranges from around $14 to over $20/ hour.
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    I think that you need to offer a few more tidbits. What country are you in and what currency are you quoting?

    If you are in India and quoting USD, that is a bit low if you live in one of the major metro centers. I would expect closer to 6k USD. Were you a fresher when you started at this ISP?
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    I don't think anyone could even buy food for one person on $4,200.00US/year before taxes.
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    I'm hoping the OP doesn't disappear. I really want to know if he meant $42,000. I also want details on the Bushiness Administration degree. Soinds like a hairy business icon_smile.gif
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    Under no circumstances is $2.02 per hour even close to the general idea of a low paid job - so of course you are being underpaid! It's time to rebel! icon_cheers.gif
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    I have a bachelor degree in Bushiness Administration, and I'm certified in CCNA
    With a non-technical degree and a CCNA, you shouldn't be expecting the choicest roles nor pay, but the easiest way to gauge whether you're underpaid is to put your resume out there and see if others will pay more. If yes, you're underpaid, and go take the other job. If no, you're paid appropriately for your current skillset and location. In the US you certainly could make more than that doing just about anything unskilled--mopping floors, serving cofffee, picking grapes--but you likely don't live here.
    I'm certified in CCNA and CCPN ROUTE
    There's no such thing as certified in CCNP Route.
    i'm also preparing for linux+(which is going very well). My goal is to get a CCIE certification, I already got every material that i need for it, and i'm half way to get my CCIE written,
    Focus. Three partially-completed certifications will do less for your career than one completed one. And you won't gain any certification upon completing your CCIE Written.. you'll just start your lab timer.
    i only need to purchase the lab...but with my salary which is 4200 a year, i don't think that i will ever get it, so i'm using a free lab for now which is horrible because you have to schedule the lab two weeks in advance.
    Many people have passed the CCIE R&S without building a personal lab. Given your parameters, you should probably be looking into emulation rather than physical equipment. But only after you have completed your CCNP. It's rather silly to be focusing on the CCIE lab when you don't even have the knowledge to pass an intermediate-level certification yet!
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    Im "hoping" he meant 42,000. Not 4,200. But he did list it more than once.

    It might also be a different country.

    So you're saying I should not buy hardware, NetworkVetern? :D
    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
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  • RoguetadhgRoguetadhg Member Posts: 2,489 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Testing isn't cheap. That's for sure. All you can do is keep cracking at it.
    In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.
    TE Threads: How to study for the CCENT/CCNA, Introduction to Cisco Exams

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    The best way to tell if you're underpaid is to put your resume out there, just as NetworkVeteran suggested.
    You mention Eastern Europe - which currency is that? Most people here seem to be quoting salaries in $USD so it would be helpful to know what the 4200 is in.
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    4200/year means 350Eu per month..
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    Hey P to P, don't be concerned. Your pay may be low but that doesn't stop you from learning, gaining experience and moving to a better job. Honestly it is all good.
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    rinoel wrote: »
    4200/year means 350Eu per month..

    Where I'm from 350Eu is about $100 more than an average civil servant's monthly income...icon_silent.gif
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