"Faulty" 2621

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I've been given an old Cisco 2621, marked as faulty. I've been able to get it to boot but it has an enable password so I can't erase it using the traditional methods such as changing the confreg.

Any suggestions for another way to wipe it back to factory settings? Not been able to get into rommon.


  • clarknovaclarknova Member Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Never mind! I wasn't able to get into rommon from my Linux machine, it wasn't sending the break command for some reason. Worked happily from my colleagues Windows machine, changed the config register to 0x2142, issued a "reload" and did a "copy run start".

    No longer faulty, I've been told I can keep this if I can fix it so it's coming home with me to start off my CCNA lab.
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    congrats! sounds like a good start =)

    happy studies!
    Studying: vmware, CompTIA Linux+, Storage+ or EMCISA
    Future: CCNP, CCIE
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    And THAT right there is why I prefer physical equipment over Packet Tracer or GNS3 any day. I can't tell you how many different problems I've run into with my lab, but that's the fun of buying used equipment! I had an NVRAM chip go bad in a 2620xm, which was a major bummer. Did I cry and throw the router out as trash? Heck no! I did some research (my Google Fu is strong...) and ended up using the NVRAM chip from an old 2620 I had laying around.

    Doing research on what equipment to buy, how to upgrade it, how to FIX it, etc. etc. is one of the best learning experiences that real equipment has to offer.

    And don't even get me started about the fun of having to use XMODEM to transfer an IOS file...
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