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I recently accepted a position as a network tech and I not really liking the job. I was doing desktop support before and wanted to move into SA. Originally I thought it was a good idea but I am starting to regret it.


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    Can you give some more detail as to what you don't like and what you miss from your old job
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    what certs do u got
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    I am thinking is just growing pains or so I hope so. I am not so fond of the working conditions (e.g., we share an office so there are no assigned desk, most of the time I am in a server room, having to move heavy equipments, late work hours (sometimes to 3 A.M.), having to remember many combinations for secure doors. I was aware of the of the late hours but didn't imagine it will be this frequent.
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    How long have you been there? I'd give it 30 - 60 days and see if you still feel the same way once you get used to it. I've been in those positions before and unfortunately I had to jump ship... but try it out and see.. I feel your pain
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    Well, it is tough to grow without discomfort.

    I really don't understand not having your own dedicated desk, that would bug me. The shared office? Not a big deal. I would prefer a shared office to a cubicle farm.

    If you dislike the late hours, you need to work yourself into a situation where they are minimal. Take it on yourself to improve the stability of the environment. If you have to do work that will have a user impact, test it in a lab environment and write up a procedure that can be reproduced. If you are dealing with many hardware issues, you likely aren't in a virtualized environment; with virtualization, you could migrate guests off of an impacted host so that you can work on its hardware issues during the day. There are so many other benefits to virtualization, too.

    I would say stick with it. If this were a lateral move and you felt this way, I might say to bolt, but this is probably going to be a good learning experience for you and will have a positive impact on your career.
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    IT isn't full of fantastic times and glimming lights. Sharing office-space with someone else is the least of the concerns. But I would prefer to have my own desk, something where I could be "home" and keep neat, and clean. Otherwise seeing coffee stains, and paper mess would drive me up the wall. Be thankful you have an office. It beats cubicles... but then you can't have cubical warfare either icon_twisted.gif

    Long hours? Expect it, frequently. It's not out of the ordinary for IT persons to have to work out of their schedule - whether emergencies, or maintenance. However, there is a fine line to walk here:

    If you're bogged down with too much work and can't get your work done and it keeps piling up: don't kill yourself trying to get it done. If you do, then upper management won't see a problem. If there's no problem (to them) than there's nothing to fix. They care about the bottom line, rightly so. If they see you can't get the work done, they'll need to take action sooner or later. They may need to give you over time hours, or hire another person (in addition to you).

    As far as "discomfort". Some days you'll hate your job. Other days you may love it. Just see if you can "Love" what you do, if you can't then it's probably best to drop the hat. Now, that's not to say you can not learn to love it. You may, in time, love what you do. Anyways - It's still a paycheck, unless you have a second lined up... it's going to pay the bills.
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    Threading off what Roguetadhg said keep in mind that long hours due to emergencies and special projects are OK. The way I see it long hours because of lack of effective management are definitely NOT OK. You need to be able to discern between the two. If management is the issue, rest assured they will keep throwing stuff at you until you complain or fold.

    My question is, are your peers experiencing the same hours, conditions, etc as you or are you just a victim of the "new guy is screwed" syndrome?
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    I like to look at it as, come in do the job and go the F** home.. I used to care about office space and personal items etc.. but the way I see it is there is less stuff for me to collect when I bolt
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    Try to adapt and learn ways to make things better. As someone mentioned above "it is hard to grow without discomfort", so buckle up and get some system admin experience so that you can have the credentials to find a working environment more suitable to your liking.

    Good luck and keep your eyes on the prize.
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    drkat wrote: »
    I like to look at it as, come in do the job and go the F** home.. I used to care about office space and personal items etc.. but the way I see it is there is less stuff for me to collect when I bolt

    Yep... I make it a practice of never having more stuff at my cube than I can take in one trip.
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    Funny - people here usually get suspicious when people cleaning their desks - usually means they are on their way out (i.e. last phase of interviews etc.)
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