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im 20.
I currently work for a fortune 500 as helpdesk/admin... i have about 2 1/2 years experiance there.
I have owned my own pc repair/upgrade business for about 2 years...and i also now lease servers and do some hosting
a+ net+ will have sec+ and at least mcsa hopefully mcse by time this come up...

My budget is goin to be up here in the next few months (i think). i really want to work in security.

Based on that..... what job should i look for next?..... (i ultimately want to do pen testing/software vuln testing...or a good network admin job with an established company) keep in mind... everything is a job to me untill i at least reach cissp... then i will start my "career"
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    i would say sec+ , as a starting point to get your feet wet.. then past that their are about 9 vendor security certs out there. checkpoint would be good i think thats 1 test, cisco ccsp but that requires a ccna to get started and 6 more tests unless they offer a QS cert for basic which may require another cisco level cert. then there are the others which i know little about.. of course there are the vendor neutral certs as well... its really up to you and how u wish to invest money and mostly your time icon_wink.gif
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    Im sorry, you must have misunderstood what i was asking. I know what cert path im taking. I just wanted to know what job i should look for next.....ex. another helpdesk....or admin type..... or see about an internship in security...? etc etc

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