How to start preparing for CISA and some details required

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Hello All,

I kept on reading materials and details about this certification and as it is mentioned pretty clear that even thou you pass the examination, you still need a level of audit/IT experience to actually get "certified". My query being, if you just pass the examination but at that point don't have enough experience to be "certified", how does things work for you. Is it okay to put the CISA postfix after your name to let people know that you are qualified with this certification or mention in your resume or it is only when you complete the experience requirements as well. I know the answer, but a detailed insight would help.

Secondly, I wish to start with this as soon as possible. Which would be the best reading material which won't cost me too much but still serve as a valid source for passing material. I did purchase some material but I am not sure since it wasn't done with enough research, so I'll prefer taking the other way this time but open to suggestions.

Thanks, and I'll be around for a while. :)


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    Which would be the best reading material which won't cost me too much but still serve as a valid source for passing material.
    I used the official materials from ISACA: CISA review manual + CISA practice question databse CD-ROM. The latter is the most important. Make sure to spend your time on the practice questions and try to review all if you can. They are in the same format as the real ones in the exam.
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    The first question is really important and we need answer from experts.

    Regarding the materials am using videos such as careeracademy + CBT nuggets just to study the chapters, after each chapter i usually have quick reading from the CRM
    For practicing am using the CISA practice question database software which.

    Really i enjoy the practice part and i believe its the most important because when u r not able to solve Q u directly run to the CRM to get the answer, and this is the benefits of the practice.

    Good Luck
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    I used the ISACA review manual and question database as well. However, I found the review manual to be just as important as the question database. The review manual is poorly written and can be really hard to comprehend, but it has all the information you need to pass in it. I would definitely recommend using both extensively to ensure the best chances at passing.

    When I was studying, if I got a question wrong, I would look it up in the manual. This can be a headache due to how poorly organized the manual is, but I think it helped me retain the information better.

    As for your first question, I don't think you can use the title until you have the actual certification. I think you need to pass the entire application process before you can use the title. However, you could note on your resume that you've passed the written exam and your certification is pending meeting the experience requirements. You might want to email ISACA to confirm, just in case.
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    Ok so lets assume that we are actually working in an IS auditing environment but not doing all the tasks mentioned in the job practice domains, do they reject such experience because I think it is highly unlikely as even thou the organization will be following most ( if not all ) of those tasks but they will almost never assign them to a single person?
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