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Hi All,

Had a few questions about the CCIE exam so I guessed I'd post it here not to mention the fact that CCIE is not listed under the Cisco forums which leaves me thinking that CCIE is not really popular. An answer to any of the following questions is very helpful.

1- For a person that does a lot dealing with switches and satellite networks using a variety of Cisco products and technologies, what certification would you recommend?

2- If the certification you recommend is CCIE IP Telephony, what is a cost-effective way to get that cert? Since I've heard that some Cisco exams have a lab-test which means that you get a hands on session with live Cisco equipment, isn't it necessary to have such products (routers, switches etc..) in order to effectively prepare for the exam. If yes, Cisco products are very expensive and a lot of people can't afford them, is there a short-cut like some live simulations or something?

3- Whichever exam it is that you recommend, some links or guidelines are extremely appreciated. I've noticed that Cisco doesn't have an easy to follow Preparation Guide (objectives, recommended books, links etc...) for the CCIE exam although it does for other exams. It leaves me again doubting its popularity and importance.

Anyways, please take a shot at any one of the above questions. Your answers are appreciated.

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    The reason we don't have a CCIE forum is because we don't have CCIE exams or notes, and I would only want to start a CCIE forum if I could get a CCIE to moderate it.

    1. Not sure if CCIE IP Telephony would be the best choise. Perhaps another CCIE qualification or multiple..

    2. Having the ability to try everything out you need a rather complete lab, or access to it. Simulations won't do for CCIE. The equipement might seem expensive.... so is a CCIE ;)

    3. provides extensive information about the CCIE exams here
    It leaves me again doubting its popularity and importance
    CCIE is the ultimate network cert. Importance is very high... and it's popular, but simply very hard. Besides the long CCIE written, you have to take a full day lab configuring and troubleshooting a complex environment. Most people don't pass it...
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