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Clever, all of your so called "practice tests" on that website are brain **** material. That's the absolute wrong way to go about studying for a cert test, and I highly recommend that you remove them and find some REAL practice tests to use, not some stolen ACTUAL test questions. Using **** material is a good way to have yourself permanently banned from being certified by Cisco.


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    wow. This guy is just keeps posting links to braindumps.
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    Patel128 wrote: »
    wow. This guy is just keeps posting links to braindumps.
    I like that he lets us know which **** are old and which are current. He's really looking out for the consumer here.
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    cleverikx wrote: »
    For all the right study material like
    - videos
    - ebooks
    - labs
    - ccna / ccnp latest practice questions and answers
    please visit

    http(://)bit(.)ly/UQTQRI <===KINDLY REMOVE BRACKETS
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