Which cert to learn server hardware

sizeonsizeon Senior MemberMember Posts: 321
Was thinking about server+ but alot of people saying it is useless. Maybe a cert from hp since we use a lot of proliant server?


  • sratakhinsratakhin Senior Member Member Posts: 818
    Why do you need a certification to learn about hardware? Just read the documentation that came with the servers.
  • Cisc0kiddCisc0kidd Senior Member Member Posts: 250
    Server HW is simple. Its the SW that takes time and experience to learn IMO.
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    Server+ would be a good starting place. I wouldn't bother getting the certification, but you will learn about servers and datacenters.
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  • SteveLordSteveLord Lord of IT World Member Posts: 1,717
    I was going to say the same. Read the material, but don't bother laying down money for the exam. It is more rare than some of the higher level Microsoft/Cisco based certs because nobody cares for it.
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    Certs are not needed really. Everything is well documented for support purposes. Step-by-Step guides are available for how to replace parts and upgrade firmware. That's all you need to know really!

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  • EV42TMANEV42TMAN Senior Member Member Posts: 256
    The to learn server hardware is to get hands on experience with it. Learn about IPMI, EFI shell, and hardware compatibility, i haven't looked at Server+ objectives in a while but, I have a feeling its not going to give you the in depth knowledge you're looking for. Also focus you're server hardware learning around what you need the server to do. Is it going to be doing Vmware, Storage, Windows DC, or email etc?

    After I get done with WGU I'm going to do Server+ but my reasoning is to validate my skills not learn new ones so I have a different agenda then you do. If you have questions about server hardware you can let me know I've built and configured thousands of them at this point.
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    I'd buy a cheap(ish) HP server, something like a DL380 G5 or even a DL380 G4 (cheaper) and download the documentation for it from hp.com . That's what I did when I couldnt get any server experience at work. I'd remove the parts, read about 'em (what they did, where they fit in, the name of the slot they fit in, anything else they could be replaced with), put the thing back together. I learned a fair bit from that process - removing the riser cage, replacing a power supply and disks, installing a new card, RAID types, Smart arrays, iLO, knowing my way around the BIOS, enabling this and that, the works basically. Helped me when I did eventually move to a server related position.

    Other than this, there isnt a cert for this. The Server+ comes close, but like the others have said - dont shell out the coin to get the cert. No one cares about it. You should look for a sys admin position too, one that lets you work on production systems.
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