NOC Analyst or Network Engineer Job- I guess they are both similar?

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I have received two offers. One from Company A and One from Company B. Company A's job title is Network Engineer, Company B's Job title in NOC analyst, which I know is a network engineer. So, I guess what I'm asking is: would you rather work in a NOC or at a really big corporation (Company A).

I heard Company A has a bad reputation, and there benefits stink but they offer 2500 hundred more, so the money is kind of a wash. I'm really happy to have this problem but I am confused! help a brother out!


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    The job title really depends on the work at hand and how the HR department of the companies determines it as so.

    Also, just a suggestion. I would probably try to stay away from mentioning names of companies and details of pay / benefits over a public form like this. Just my 2 cents.
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    The question really is which place would you like to work at?
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    Follow the path that leads to your dream job, experience and check-marks to that direction will lead to work happiness. The money will come as long as you are smart about your corporate movements. Also even if the jobs are the same and the titles differ it can affect selection for jobs with other companies. Lastly remember your experience gained between the two will be different.
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    Like others have said, it really depends on where you want to end up. Some NOC jobs are essentially network engineers while some are basically upper level support. I know NOC guys that are truly Network engineers and they love it because they're not tied down to a certain region or portion of the network they have insight and access to the entire network at large. I know others who are glorified tier support. I depends entirely on the role within that particular company and where you ultimately want your career to lead.
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