Started certification exam.... (eCPPT)

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I started the certification process for the eCPPT (eLearnSecurity - Worldwide IT Security training provider)

I downloaded the ISO of BT4. It was broken up in 16 .rar files. I had a little trouble downloading
the file because of the connection.

Well I installed the ISO into vmware and then I read the instructions on how to setup the OS.
I made a change to the network portion of the VM so that there was a separate ip address on
the network that I knew of for sure.

The scope is for the webserver and web vulnerabilities... YAYNESS!!! (not really)

I already used nessus, nikto, w3af, nmap, and wireshark to help me out so far.

Well at the end, I have to write a report. I've written a vulnerability/security report in one of my
classes. So I think I know what is required in the paper. I just know that I won't find everything and I'll have a tough time with doing this. This isn't windows xp (unpatched/no firewall) or metasploitable. I think it's a little tougher because my way in is more limited for me. I might have to run over to DVWA and learn some more things to help me out.

I have less than 30 days to produce a good report. If I fail, they'll give me another shot to find the missing parts within seven days....
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