Should I be studying 801/2 or 701/2?

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Was going to start reviewing for the A+ exam, and plan on taking it w/in a month or two. Plan on devoting at least 45min. a day or at least 5 hours a week.

I am kind of confused on whether or not I should purchase the Mike Meyers 701/2 or 801/2 edition. I read something that 801/2 should be out soon, but I can't find anything solid.

Any recommendations on which material to study? Because I can't find any information on when 701/2 will be replaced by 801/2!


  • ratchokeratchoke Posts: 47Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Bah nm, I just ordered the 801/2 and will wait till I can take that one instead. lol
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    801/802 will be out in mid to late October.

    701/702 will be expired August 31, 2013.

    Here's a link you might like since you picked the 801/802 exams.Blog > CompTIA Exams to Include 'Performance-Based' Questions

    Good luck.
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    if u havent started prepping, then 800's no doubt.. good luck man!
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    I've been wondering the same thing, so I called CompTIA customer service today and asked when they expect the 220-801/2 exams to be available. The representative told me that according to a "higher-up" they are "temporarily" planning on officially making them available on Tuesday, October 9. If not, she said, they'll definitely be available by the end of the month at the absolute latest.

    So, I think you made the right choice by studying for the new edition.
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