MCP MC ID and Access Code? Got the email not sure where they are

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Ugh, I'm apparently not patient enough and the first email mentioned nothing of a 2nd email but I just received it with all my information.

So I passed the 680 Monday, got my email a few minutes ago. I followed the directions and went to the MCP site, signed in with my live ID and then it asks for my MC ID and Access Code but nowhere in the email are these provided. In the email subject at the end I have this {~00000000:1~}(not the real numbers obviously). I'm not sure what is what. I've tried all combinations I can think of and I get errors. I tried using the whole thing for the MC ID and Access Code and don't get an error but the page doesn't go anywhere either. I plan on giving the support center a call tomorrow but figured I'd try here first and see if anyone knows if I'm doing something wrong.
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