Interested in Infosec

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i have a total of 6 years experience. a few in helpdesk and remote support, 2 years in wintel server and 1 year in risk management. im interested in IT security as a career option. im also good with perl scripts. i dont have a college degree but i have a 10+2+3 in formal education.

I want some pointers as to whether I should go for ceh or sscp. i dont want my wintel and risk management experience to go to waste. im currently studying for my ccna r&s and checkpoint ccsa.




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    What certs you go for depends on your interests and where you want to go in your career. Start with looking at job postings for the kind of work you want to do and in the geographical area(s) where you want to work.

    You will probably find more IT Security jobs asking for the CEH than the SSCP, but the SSCP is a good stepping stone to the CISSP. Cisco, Juniper, and Check Point certs will be a plus if the IT Security job is related to network security. They'll also help you get a position in an organization's NOC and then later move into the SOC or IT Security proper.
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