Ccnp voice lab 2012

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Hello fellow students and masters of CCNP Voice. I am currently part way through my CVOICE preparation. I have studied the Sybex and Cisco Press guides, and am building a CCNP/CCIE Voice lab.

I have attached a pic of the lab which is a work in progress:

==== Routers ====
UC520 (4FXS, 4FXO, CME, CUE)
2611XM (w CME)

2610 (x3)

=== Switches ===
3524 PoE
2950 (x3)

=== Firewall ===

=== Phones ===
7961 (x2)
7960 (x2)
Analog (x2)

So I have setup some phones to register with the 2611XM, and some to register with the UC520 (ephones, ephone-dns) and created voip dial peer destination patterns to route to each other, but added another layer of dial-peers by having calls go through the 2610xm (UC520 (CME) --> 2610XM (non CME, but has dial peers) --> 2611XM CME) Then I've created a vtp domain and joined the PoE switch, 2960, and UC520 to it, trunking between the three, and set a row of the 3524 PoE ports for the 2611XM CME voice VLAN and a row of ports for the UC520 voice VLAN.

I've been playing around with different configurations. I have a computer with 16gb of ram that I'm planning on re purposing for a CUCM server, I probably wont need to do that until after I finish CVOICE. But I don't know how I'm going to do that or where to get CUCM (?) I'm hoping the Cisco Press CIPT1 book I ordered will answer some questions on that.

I have alot of unanswered questions regarding CCNP Voice, I guess thats what leads me here. I usually work alone on these kind of things but I think we all need to work together on this one. Theres just not enough information out there on the latest exams.



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