failed with 590, then passed with 812 today

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my first ever post ............
today 8 days after failing I passed 290.
I did a few things, but one of the best was finding this forum and loggin on. You've made some great posts - thanks
It's not easy to say that you failed because you think it reflects badly on you. But having failed this thing myself, it give me some solice that I wasn't the only one, and there wasn't something "wrong" with me.
And then it was GREAT to hear that the person passed 2nd shot.
The sticky notes are really good, I woke up this morning in bed at 4am practically wearing them, so thanks for those.
I took the exam last week, a bit earlier than I had intended, 'cos I knew I would have second shot, but it taught me 3 things.
1. there is nothing to fear about this exam, the questions were easier than the practice tests I had been doing.
2. It must be RESPECTED. It's very easy to think you've got the right answer when you haven't. Today I used most of the three hours and read very single word of the question, and looked for the "tricks" they put in.
3. I was totally unaware 8 days ago that this exam contained simulators, so since then I have been working out what they could ask and practising on my test lab, and reading what people have written here. So today, when I had to set up a scheduled backup, SUS, and share a folder it was simple.
I'm now having six weeks total break from any MCSE books.
Thanks again and keep posting.


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