What justifies experiance on resume....opinions?

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example...not being a programmer in perl.... but....worked with it alot...enough to where u think i could do everything asside from write advanced code from scratch (without reference) .

in the given example.... do u have "experiance with perl" for a resume? Thanks

i would say yes...and to what extent coud be discussed at the interview... but i may be wrong?.. opinions?
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    I think that would be misleading. If you list a programming language on your resume, then you should be proficient in that language. However, by your own admission, you're not a perl programmer. I do not put any languages on my resume that I'm not proficient with.
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    If I was proficient with Perl, I would include:

    Proficient in Perl programming.

    If I was just experienced in Perl, I would include:

    Experienced in Perl programming.

    Just be honest. If asked any questions about it, just reinforce what your resume already says.
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    Yea...i suppose how you worded it would say alot. That wasnt me i was speaking of literally....i was just wondering in general. I decided to put together my resume again and i wrote down everything i knew i could do because i had done it in the past. The list ended up being huge....and the weird thing was.. i really did have experiance with everything i had written. I was just unclear on what was the going thing. Obviosly if i knew i wasnt a programmer in a specific language, i wouldnt even apply for a job as a programmer nor would i claim to be a programmer. On the other hand lets say i get a job in security....and i am to audit the network. I want my employer to know that IF needed... i am capable of editing the perl scripts for what i need. Another example.....am i a kixtart programmer...no im not, but i can honestly say i can create a login script
    for a network..... I guess there is a fine line.... ill probably have my resume, and then have a "details" webpage explaining the depth of each thing listed.
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