Connecting AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9 AP's to an existing WLC2405 controller?

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Hi all

I've been searching but can't seem to find a decent doc on how to connect/home new AP's to an existing WLC2504 controller.




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    Last week I spoke to a TAC engineer about the differences between the latest WLC software and the version I had. He stated that the latest version (7.3 iirc) are needed to support the 3500 series APs. If you have smartnet i'd download the latest version and try that. The upgrade is pretty painless. Note I don't have any 3500s in my portfolio, just 1260s and 1130s
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    Have you looked at the factory manual? Just as insight, I am running the 2100 WLC and Airnonet 1242.

    The AP is connect to a switch (NOT the WLC), and the WLC is connect to the same switch. (same subnet ofcourse).

    A router is providing DHCP.

    I started by using a console to do the basic programming on the AP to get it up in the air and on the network. Once it obtains an IP, you should be able to control it from the WLC, which is much more friendly. (GUI)
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