Passed CISA exam ?? .. please answer this question

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to whom wrote the CISA exam.

i can see thousands of questions available online from different resources so my question is.

Is the CISA exam repeat those questions ?? in the real exam i may see one of those questions or the questions completely new with every exam ?


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    I would suggest to read the manual and use those questions as a way to verify your understanding.

    from CISM review questions ... I've only saw like 10 and they were slightly changed which resulted into completly different answers, If i wasnt careful enough I would have lost many points just by assuming answers.

    just my input~
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    The questions available online may be braindumps ones.

    You can buy the official CISA practice question database from ISACA. Those questions are VERY similar to the ones in the real exam. Spend your time to review all those questions. I started to review those questions 2 days before the exam. I wish I could start it sooner because I did not have the time to review all the questions. I did only about 500 questions among 800. But that really helped me to pass the exam at first try.
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    Good .. thank you mane for your answer

    actually what am doing nowadays is reading the question from the CISA questions database and search for the answer from the CRM if am not able to answer the question myself

    the explanation of the question also very usefull
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    Please share the sites, i failed in the CISA exam last year by 4 marks, because i have not gone through the old question.
    Please share the site where you find so many question.
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    You can purchase the ISACA question database from
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