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So, I passed Sec+ today after a few days of study and will be working on CISSP. CISSP is very high level, management materiel, and I would like to do a more hands on track as well. I am self employed, with very shallow pockets, so paying $4kish for GSEC isn't really an option, and since they won't sell just the books and there is no study guide, I am looking at CASP instead, since there is at least one study guide out there. Having someone at HR recognize CASP isn't a big deal to me, really. I just want to increase my knowledge and skills, more then rely on a cert to land me a job / help bump my pay grade.

So, along the lines of what you learn, not how widely recognized, is GSEC worth $3.5k more the CASP? I know about the SANS work study, but I don't live anywhere near a site, so with travel, the work study fee, and the test, it is still out of my reach.


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    I would take a look at the objectives for both exams and see what you like more. I'm actually considering going through the CASP sometime next year during my preparation for the SSCP. I think the material looks very interesting, and less managementish.
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    Having taking neither, I can't say GSEC is better than CASP for the money in terms of what you learn. Personally, I heavily prefer only to start certs which have both actual skill value and market value. I would probably never pay out of pocket for GSEC, but CASP is pretty much worthless.

    SSCP might be a better fit. It's between the two in terms of real costs, but it will be more hands-on than CISSP, much cheaper than GSEC, and much more widely recognized than CASP.

    Of course "hands-on" really depends on what you want to do. There are other, more specialized certs for specific areas.
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    I would really suggest allowing an employer to pay for SANS training and GIAC certification. SSCP is a good (cheaper) alternate to the GSEC, but there is that $65/yr AMF to consider. Nobody knows about CASP, but that was true of the Security+ a few years ago. Maybe in a few years CASP will heat up too.
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    I will look into SSCP a bit more for sure. With the certs I have, plus CISSP in a month or two (hopefully!), I don't really mind CASP not being well known or having much market value, as long as it provides a good framework for me learning and solidifying my security knowledge. Just seemed like the study materials and actual test are pretty good value for the price?

    Thanks much!
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    I took CASP as well with the down time I had after failing CISSP. I would definitely take a look at pursuing it. Although it may not have recognition now, if it gets approved by the DOD (which I think it will) then it will have the market value others are talking about.

    I think the test is well structured. I felt that you really have to know your stuff to pass but does not contain the ambiguity of the CISSP. The simulations are what I'll really tip my hat off to them for. They are a fairly accurate depiction of the kind of situations that you would run into in a technical lead type position. It is definitely easier than CISSP and studying for that should prepare you for CASP when it comes to the managerial questions.

    I would take a look just my opinion though.
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    From what I understand CASP is already part of the DoD 8570.
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    eansdad wrote: »
    From what I understand CASP is already part of the DoD 8570.

    Could you provide a link? I've been searching for confirmation of this for a while now.
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    Funny, I remember reading about the CASP passing the standards test and was being included into 8570.1 but according to DISA it isn't listed??
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    Maybe you are thinking of the (ISC)2 CAP certification.
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    Casp meets the continuing Education requirements for Sec+ which must be maintained under 8570, which is being 'updated',
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    I would not look for too much change/update at this point... But we will see 2qtr FY 13 when it is published.

    The draft 8140 does not change the baseline certs (as of the draft I saw). It does kill lthe original 8570 but continues to reference 8570.01-M. It will try to address how baseline certs apply to functional training and education. Below is the link to the public DISA brief regarding Operationally Focused Cyber Training.
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    The CASP has just finished the last stage of 8570 approval, review by the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), the organization that helped define the job roles for the 8570. The IDA has been working on their report, for presentation to the 8570 committee. CompTIA expects to hear the result by the end of this year, and is pretty confident that the CASP will be approved for at least one job role (Tech Level III) in the 8570.
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    Studying for a CompTIA cert is much cheaper than a SANs cert. Since the DOD now accepts the CASP my employers are leaning more towards the money saver route.

    SANs GSEC courses are extremely pricey $4465 a piece, then you have to buy the exam at $479, thats a total of $5,000.
    CompTIA will generally cost much less, $200 for books, $200 for practice exams and $400 for exam, thats a total of $600.

    Now on the renewing of SAN certs you must do one of these:
    - Retake the exam, BUT you will have to buy the new materials to freshen up because the exam changes. I'm not sure how much those materials cost for existing members.
    - Perform a Training/Teaching of their material. You can take another SANs course for 36 CPEs for around $5,300 or teach one of their courses and take a week off work or convince your employer to give you time off for free.
    - Publish Work. You can write a white paper and get it published through SANs. This could take you a few months to properly research the paper and write it within their approved College Level Formats.

    With CompTIA to renew a Cert you can take a course that Maps to the Security Topics of CASP, attend Conferences, attend Webinars, etc. It's just like the ISC2 method of renewing certificates for CISSP, etc.
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    since your posting in 3 year old threads, I'll bite.

    You can do a work-study program and take the SANS course + exam for only $900.
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