Just Finished CVOICE studyguide by SYBEX

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I found it FAR superior to Cisco Press's studyguide in terms of organization and clarity. Anyone else read both studyguides? What did you think? I especially want to hear from people who have passed the CVOICE. I'm taking the exam Saturday, and I'm currently in the reviewing stage of my study process.

Those who have passed CVOICE, maybe you can share whether you felt the SYBEX sg prepared you for CVOICE, how many attempts, what areas were weaker that I may need to review more before taking the exam etc.

Just looking for some insight there.




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    I'm taking my CVOICE later today but I agree it was a way easier read. I'll give credit to the Cisco Press book and mention that it appeared to cover a little more than the Sybex though. I'm honestly not sure how many TE's have taken the newer CVOICE yet, I don't think there's very many though. The older CVOICE material didn't have QOS but it did have a lot more gatekeeper stuff which both have the same amount of difficulty if you ask me haha.
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    I'm preparing for CVOICE now and I took a different approach. I used the INE CoD and using Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers and QoS SRND for brushup. If I don't pass with this approach, I will read through the Cisco Press book. Honestly, with the exception of QoS, the book almost read the same as the last CVOICE book.

    BTW, good luck on the exam.
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  • rchaserchase Member Posts: 126
    Cisco Press definitely expanded ideas, farther than SYBEX.

    ALSO, K Wallace's videos at 1ExamAMonth.com helped broaden my understanding of the topics in a more practical sense, and helped me to visualize the topics better. Like the whole "token" theory made no sense until I saw the graph of the frame-relay time slots in the video describing that. Thats just one example.

    And also I found that alot of SYBEX book labs contained errors and were not practical in a real world sense but seemed to be rather just demonstrating the typing in of commands instead of teaching why or how you would use them. K Wallace does a great job explaining things in a practical and easy to understand way in his vids.
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