is CCNP switching exam too hard?

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i gotta take that exam somehow. Even it appears so ridiculous to me right now. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
my CCNA will expire in a year and i need to recertify.

The problem is the company im working at required me to take that exam. i need help.

please tell me your CCNP switching exam impressions and what i need. how hard it is also
the way to pass it.

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    How hard it is depends entirely on how much you know. If you know the material its quite easy. Just like any other exam.

    As far as how to pass, learn the material!
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    How hard it is depends entirely on how much you know. If you know the material its quite easy. Just like any other exam.

    As far as how to pass, learn the material!

    ^^ Well said.

    I think it also depends on how much you assert yourself too. Some people come in and knock that exam out within 3 months of studying with little prior NP level background. 1 year's time I think is more than enough to get it taken care of. Frankly if you are really wanting to learn more and advance you knowledge I think 1 year's time is ample amount of time to finish off the entire NP cert (all 3 tests)
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    Judging by the questions you've asked in the CCNA section you might have some difficulties with this exam. However, if you buy the books and learn the material you'll do just fine. Like Networker said, if you know the material the exam will be easy. I have a couple of friends that just read the book, took the exam and passed it - that was without labbing, too.
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    Know the material, you'll pass the exam.
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    For me personally, I found SWITCH to be one of the harder exams. I used the official study guide and CBT Nuggets to prepare. After the exam, I was shaking even though I passed with 9xx score because I barely made the time.

    I think the problem is with the official study guide. While it does provide a lot of necessary information you need to know, it felt like it is a bit off-focus with what is being actually tested on the exam. I took it over a year ago, and I still remember one weird configuration of HSRP which made me almost say out-loud "WTF is this". If I didn't have a few years of experience working with switches, I wouldn't have passed the exam on the first try just by using studying materials listed above.

    I would suggest to still get the official studying guide. Look over the exam blueprint and get the white papers and configuration guides from on those topics. Setup a lab and put in some hardcore labbing time if you don't have a lot of experience with switches at work. And remember, Cisco loves Cisco products and wants you to use them.
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    It's not easy. It will take a lot of study - much like anything else.
    Get into labbing a lot and it'll help you get through that part of the exam, it'll help reinforce the commands in your mind, and should help you remember the concepts.
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