Test Day Cans and Cannots?

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My test day is coming up soon and I had a few questions about the test day experience. I have read all the basics but I still had a few specific questions.
  1. On the test day, I know that breaks are voluntary and can be taken at any time. However, as a smoker who is going to be sitting in a 6 hour stressful situation, will there be a designated smoking area or should I bring an electronic cigarette and use it in the bathroom?
  2. Will paper and pencil be provided to those taking a CBT? I feel like I would like I want to be able to write things down as I go along to help me with the understanding it would have to be destroyed prior to leaving.
  3. I know that no food or drink is allowed in the testing room but can any be consumed during breaks? What are some good things to have that can be stored and where is it stored?
That is all for now but I will add any questions if they come up. Thanks, and any advice is appreciated.


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    In my experience, I took a couple of bathroom breaks. I was given a locker to put my personal effects in so I could imagine you could store some snack in there. I would suggest eating a good breakfast and getting plenty of sleep before test day. They give you a dry erase pad and marker to write on, no paper or pencils. As far as smoking breaks, I am not sure.
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    Pretty much what Coolz203 mentioned. depending on where you go they may have smoking area, but dont count on it at all...but they will give you breaks...try calling the testing center and ask your exam proctor about the breaks and smoking breaks...
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    Not sure if you have taken your test yet - but they would not allow me back into the locker once the test started, so I left my drink and snacks on top of the locker, so guessing it would be the same with smokes.
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    What about a Calculator? This might be required to calculate ALE, SLE etc
  • wes allenwes allen Member Posts: 540 ■■■■■□□□□□
    The testing software has a calculator program you can click on.
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    sandy2810 wrote: »
    What about a Calculator? This might be required to calculate ALE, SLE etc

    Definitely focus on being able to derive the answers with the given info rather than the mathematics. They will more than likely be the most elementary of equations.
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    i took cbt at pearson center. Its only 2 KM from my place. I went a day before exam just to make sure I know the way. I carried two photo ID proof along as requested by them.

    i am a smoker too but trust me you will not feel like smoking during break. I never smoke before and I always book 10:30 AM slot. During exam it will never help you sustaining the stress but it will surely increase the stress and anxiety levels. By the end of exam you will feel brain shouting and begging you not to read any more questions.

    And if you smoke it will help you loose patience before exam. (for some it helps to concentrate more)

    yes they will give you pads and pen. I just wrote question numbers on it so that I could return back to them later. It also helped to keep track of how many questions I left answered. I never had to calculate anything so do not worry about the calculator.

    i ate idli in the morning 9 AM. Since its a cooked(no oil) food its healthy. Eat whatever you normally take. you will not feel hungry in between because of time pressure. But have breakfast.

    And remember to enjoy 6 hours of your life...

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    1. I'm a smoker too. When I took it, we were allowed to hit the restroom, but we couldn't leave the building to smoke. Honestly, I didn't really even think about it after the test started. You've got enough nerves and adrenaline going that nicotine is the last thing on your mind. Plus, you probably won't use all 6 hours anyways, unless you're the type of person who really scrutinizes over every question. The questions are very short (for the most part). I'm a fairly slow test taker, and I was only in there for approximately two hours. Electronic cigarettes seem like overkill to me, but everyone is different. If you feel like you are going to need them, then I'd say bring one just in case.

    2. Pencils will be provided. I don't think we were given scratch paper (and definitely not a dry erase board and pen), but you can write on the exam booklet. The dry erase thing may be something new with the CBT exam.

    3. You should probably call your testing center ahead of time to find out the answer on this, cause it is going to depend on where you are testing. Some places have refrigerators you can use, some will actually provide you with free food and drinks, and some will give you little to work with at all.

    Don't sweat it too much. Good luck...you got this.
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