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I was just wondering if anyone was taking the cisco classes. I am in semester 3 right now. I had the same teacher for 1 and 2, but I'm taking 3 this summer so I have a different teacher. I'm doing good in the class...make mostly A's on the test and do my labs like I'm supposed to, but both teachers we have don't teach us for nothing. They walk in and activate the test then leave to their office and never return. They never help in labs or anything. Now this class is over in 2 weeks and we have a finail on the computer and a performance test. We had a performance test in sem. 2 and it wasn't that bad. This teacher is a lot harder though even though he doesn't really teach us. He say's that the performace test is only 10% of our grade but if we fail it then we fail the class. He also says that cisco says that. I thought cisco just said as long as you pass the finail on the computer then you passed. Because I want to know how only 10% of your grade can make you fail. Can someone just tell me if cisco requires you to pass a performance part. I know we should be able to pass but come on with teachers that don't teach? how are we supposed to know how to do the things we can't do?


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    Yes, Cisco requires you to pass the skills test in order to move on to the next level. As for the grade, that is up to the teacher. Cisco does not base your passing on the letter grade or percent.
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