Bootcamp SSCP study materials

DagistoDagisto Member Posts: 25 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi everybody,

My SSCP is planned for next week 26-10-2012 and I just started learning a week ago. I'm currently not an a project so I can learn full time and I'm doing so.

I've read a lot of threads and have created a bootcamp pack for myself.

Bootcamp pack
1. AIO SSCP (Darril Gibson)
2. SSCP Nuggets
3. Actual Test SSCP exam (250)questions.

I'm currently halfway the bootcamp.
Studiscope is too expensive as I already spent a lot for the exam and study materials.

I could use some tips and advice if this is sufficiënt enough?

PS : I have basic security knowledge and have 4 year experience in one of the SSCP domains. Reason why I scheduled this exam so soon, is because I can only study that way. Unfortunately I can only perform at my best when I'm pressured.


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