CCAA Requirements

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Ok.. I have been preparing for my CCAA exam. I told my PM the exam I am preparring for. The PM then told me that in order to get the CCAA, I would have to take the class or it wouldn't count.. Citrix wouldn't reconize the exam until I took their class. Just like the way VMWare does their certs. Anyways, the company isn't going to pay for the class. I have looked over the Citrix site and can't find any info to verify this. Could some one verify this or point me in the direction where I can verify this information?



Edit - Nevermind, I found the correct answer. In XA5, a course was required, but in XA6.5, no course work is required (Source: Citrix A22 Prep Guide - Page 11 section 1.7).


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