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I am considering studying this, I'm just unconvinced that companies actually look for it.

Has anyone found it to be a successful certificate? - a blog I write about IT and technology.


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    I haven't had anyone directly reference it, so no probably not. That doesn't mean that the knowledge isn't valuable. I found it rather dry and boring myself, but it may be different for you!
  • discount81discount81 Member Posts: 213
    I see a few jobs I'd like asking for project manager cert and they usually say (PMP or the like)

    Right now I just don't have the time to dedicate to a PMP certification, so I was thinking of doing this in the interim to hopefully give me a shot at some of these positions. - a blog I write about IT and technology.
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    You could do the Project+, then work on the CAPM. N2IT would be able to give you more information.
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    The PMP is the gold standard in project management, no doubt. But for outward facing jobs that include an element of project management, Project+ is a good way to introduce the topic of classic project management aptitude, in either an interview or a customer conversation--as a way of marketing the fact that you (and your colleagues) conduct business using good project management practices. The scope/budget/schedule/quality tradeoff is meaningful to a lot of people, and the fact that you understand it can be an important differentiator. Western Governors University requires Project+ certification in some of their IT courses, and various international divisions of Ricoh use the certification--perhaps for some of the reasons described here.
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    if you doing it to advance your career you should do

    1. CAPM - if you don't have much expereince
    2. PMP - If you have significant amount of expereince

    The course is actually the same for the most part, but the exam is just harder for PMP then the CAPM...(regardless the same course has to be taken for either or.

    Project+ is good if it is a requirement for a Program (like WGU degree), or is just for resume padding and your in a different field like (Server/Network Admin). Project+ will give exposure to Project Management so you get what is going on behind the scenes on the projects that your working on.

    I do have the Project+ and I am a Server Admin....for job hunting the Project+ made no impact that I could see, but for my day to day job Project+ was actually helpful since I had an understanding on what the PM that gives me work is upto, his job role, and just overall the process of the project, and the business language to talk in when working with the PM and other groups

    At the end of the day - I would say Project+ is actually a certification which actually was useful to me and i use day to day. It might not be worth much on a resume, but its worth a lot out on the job

    of course if you can do CAPM over the Project+ ...then yea do the CAPM
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