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How are you studying/How did you study for CIPT1? What did it take to get CUCM up? Any CIPT1 study advice welcome.



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    I can't really comment on CIPT1 to much as we're both in the same boat as far as getting started. Installing CUCM is a pain getting it going in VM but that may just be my personal experience.

    Shawn Moore's Cisco Trek: Prepping Hardware and Software for CIPT1

    The install is VERY specific about the hardware requirements and the Subscriber is picky about having a NTP a low Stratum source. Like you can't just a windows server as it doesn't consider it's stratum low enough. I tricked my subscriber my setting up a random Cisco router I had laying around as a NTP server and pointed the Subscriber towards that until the install was complete.

    I actually have to setup my entire lab again so this should be fun and good review.
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    I modified my callmanager_product.conf file and I run my VM on a 50GB/1.5GB RAM setup. Also, I've never ran into an issue setting up the Sub NTP but the Pub must be associated with an NTP server no less than Stratum 6. I use pfSense, so I set up ntpd for each network, so I just pointed my Pub to that for initial install and I have my PSTN router synced to that as well, with each site router synced to my PSTN.
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