70-290 compared with 70-270

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Having just completed 70-270 i am about to study for 70-290. What i can gather so far is that the 2003 server was built with XP code. Does that mean that i will have good grounding after passing 70-270 or is it a totally new beast (apart from the obvious, AD, DNS ect...). I also have very limited experience with 2000 server and AD.

I should be alright... shouldn't i???? icon_confused.gif


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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    With all of the studying and "bouncing around" OSs that I've done in the past year and a half, I think that you will find that XP Pro is going to test on the OS itself as a stand-alone and you'll be dealing with local issues. But, your going to need to know how to join it to a domain and do the IPCONFIG stuff and some troubleshooting of domain connectivity.

    My present studies of Server W2k3 hit you right in the "big picture" side of things, domain-wise anyway. But, you've got to look seriously at groups. You'll need to look at everthing the back-up utility can do. Also IIS 6.0 server is going to be in there somewhere. Allllll of the server roles: IIS, Print, Application, DC, etc. You don't have that with XP. Xp is just a client.

    Good luck with your studies!
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    I agree with janmike, there is a lot of overlap. Focus on Terminal Server / Remote Desktop as well, they like those questions. Also, try and build a test lab, and get hands-on, you can get 180 eval copies of 2003 server in the MSPress books. I had 4 simulator questions in my exam, and that did take me by suprise. Then. of course I found this nice forum, and nothing will take me by suprise again.
    Good luck with your studies.
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