Taking TSHOOT today at 3:45....

poguepogue Senior MemberMember Posts: 213
To be honest, I got the TSHOOT FLG, but after flipping through it, I put it down and went back to using my Boson Ex-Sim Max TSHOOT prep engine..

Given the massive concentration on the actual trouble tickets in the exam, I just didn't feel it was worth the time given my overall comfort level with troubleshooting methodology.

Given that, however.. I have found the Ex-Sim Max engine very helpful, and fun, to boot! I don't remember who suggested it, but frankly, I think it will easily get you 95% of the way towards getting a 1000 on the exam.

I have found myself getting MUCH faster at identifying root cause, narrowing down issue to which device pair is causing the issue, and knowing which commands to use to verify the issue. Highly recommended, and only $99.00-$100.00. (Depending if you have previously purchased Boson software.)

Hopefully around 6PM or so, I will have my CCNP!!

Currently working on: CCNA:Security
Up next: CCNA:Voice


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