Transcender Adaptive Tests (CAT)

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Hi There

I'm spending the last few weeks before sitting A+ O/S doing the Transcender practice exams

The Transcender adaptive exams have a pass mark of 958.

How does 958 on the Transcenders compare to the 'real' pass mark (600)?

Do they set it extremely high 'just to make sure', or is 958 on Transcenders comparable to 600 on the real exam??

The reason I'm asking is because I'm regularly getting more than 958 and I can't believe I'm that good!!!




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    as far as i know, a transcender exam will have a higher pass mark than the actual exam. be careful, though. i found that high scores were sometimes down to the fact that i had done an exam that often that i was able to remember questions and answers, rather than knowing the topic better - sometimes you just have to raise the bar a little higher when you feel you are getting familiar with the questions ;)

    sounds like you are ready for the exam, though. how are you scoring with other practise exams?
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