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Ive had about enought of my job, its getting me down and im not learning anything new and stopping me geting on with my studies icon_sad.gif so I want to start writing to companys asking if they have any positions avaible that would require my skills. anyone know of any good sites to make a good opening letter? I just want to say who i am, what i do, study ect and ask if they have any posistions what would help me in my study toward MCSA and CCNA.


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    what ive heard of to get job nowadays you need to "network" get to know people who work on the inside to give you a good name, or just ask if they have any positions going or have anything that fits ur ideal job role, if they are advertised then every tom,dick and harry will go for it. Most IT jobs are not advertised ive heard, there was an artical on here about it.
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    If you are looking to "network" with people a good way to do that is to volunteer. Especially with an organization that is involved with the community. I recently started volunteering (IT consultant) with an organization that is heavily involved with the community and has some business partners with some really big companies in the city. Some of these companies I would love to get my foot in the door. Through this volunteer opportunity I've already made some really valuable contacts\references that I can use down the road when I want to switch jobs. Some of these contacts are people who are really high up in these “big” companies. Plus you’re doing something good for the community.
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    I would love to do some volunteer work but things is i have to work 40hrs a week to pay rent car ect, and in my other free time i have to study and spend time with my gf, if i could get a one day a week thing that would be great, only day i have free a week is sunday though where everywhere is more or less closed icon_sad.gif
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    Thats ruff, I would definitely get to know a few people within your company before you make a request. If you can make a quick stop up to the higher IT guys and introduce yourself.
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    Well ive reached as high as i can go in my field of call handling, there is no challege to it anymore now, above that you can be a team leader which aint really technical and more manageral. the other jobs in the high end are like trying to get hens teeth they are that rare, no one ever quits, prob because its really easy money for what they do.

    I just need a breaking point in the opening letter like..

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am a recently qualified Network+ technician looking to gain experiance in the network Administation field. Im looking for any vacancies you may have in your company to assist my studies toward my MCSE....

    ect...something along the lines of that to break the ice :D
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