Today exam cissp first time fail 673 !!!

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Today exam cissp first time fail 673 !!!

My study experience 4 month following this

AIO 5th (2 month)
cccurez and another 5000+ quizzz ( 2 month)

I am weak following this

1. Risk management
2. Operation security
3. cryptography
4. access control
5. BCP
6. Software Development security
7. Security Architecture
8. Legal
9. Telecom
10. Physical Security

Please recommend me


  • mog27mog27 Member Posts: 302
    Hit your weak areas hard. Was the AIO your only source? I would get at least one other source. I liked the newest (6th edition) Sybex book. Many here liked the Eric Conrad book. Using just one source is not enough.
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    Welcome to TE.

    Agree, different sources are always a plus. Some books explain topics better than others. The 3 I see come up all the time are the AIO, the OIG and the Eric Conrad books. Another thing, what is your background? 2 months on the AIO seems kind of weak to me unless you are a seasoned InfoSec pro. Of course the number of hours you dedicated may also be a factor. Let us know more about your study regime.

    Many here have posted their study plans in great detail including suggestions on what they would've done different. Do a search and read their comments.
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    My experience is network security engineer 4 years
    Implement firewall, AV, SIEM, Switch, router, IPS and etc.

    My study AIO 5th Only

    one week per topic
    Mon-Fri 3 hr
    Sat-Sun 8 hr

    pratice question
    100 quiz per day
    such as AIO,OIG,CCCURE

    and last week before exam
    I review 11hr eric conlad book

    I think real exam very hard

    I'm not understand topic risk,Operation,access control,BCP
    becuase real exam is screnario base not same practice exam

    please suggest me
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    Hi vidkung,

    From what you're saying I gather that your main study strategy is to take practice exams a bunch. By doing this approach you aren't necessarily learning the material, it's more of a cram. While I haven't taken CISSP, I do know it's not one you should just cram for, you need to learn the material and understand it. I would suggest taking a different approach for your next attempt. Read up on the topics that you were weak on, and do so from different sources. Then once, you understand those topics, try out a practice exam to determine where you are at in your studies.
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    What helped me was to take notes. I had a spiral bound notebook with each chapter in the AIO summarized. Summarizing the concepts in my own words helped me to understand the topics. If you can explain the concept to someone, then you know it.

    Also, just sitting in the exam is rough. Make sure you take breaks and have a good breakfast beforehand.

    Good luck next time!
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    Excellent comments from f0rgiv3n. Cramming does NOT work for this test. I mean, you may need to cram a thing here and there but that can't be your strategy. You definitely need to understand the concepts as well as how to apply them. This is what this test is about. If you don't understand something you need to stop, look for alternate resources and clarify the concept before you move on. Otherwise you are just fooling yourself. I am four months into my studies and I lost track of how many times I had to research supplementary material a long time ago.

    So in a nutshell, take you time, don't take shortcuts, learn the material, and you will prevail.
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    Hi vidkung,

    Sorry to hear that!

    But don't get dishearten. As you know now, real exam is totally different and you can understand that you need to know the material very well to be successful in this exam. If I were you, in this situation, I would go through AIO again to learn the topics, specially the domain you missed a lot. I also went through Eric Conrad guide for skimming and I found it very good. So, In addition to AIO you can collect Eric Conrad new edition and study in concentrated mode.

    I hope next time you will be able to clear it.
  • bryguybryguy Member Posts: 190
    Hang in there... it's not uncommon for people to fail the first time around. The chances that you'll pass the second time around are greatly improved. Just focus on you weak areas, and then re-take the test as soon as possible.
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Dont know your working speed but I would be very surprised if someone could handle the whole CBK as presented in the AIO in 2 months. It personally took me four months or something like that + cccure every day. I also spent so much time watching shon harris videos that I started to think she was pretty. 3 hrs a day probably isn't enough if you are only going through the material once and then not reviewing it. The cccure questions test your knowledge of the concepts but the test challenges your application of the concepts. Wheras cccure questions as you "what is xyz", true questions (hope im not breaking nda) ask you "what is xyz given p when you need q" and often you need to know what "q" applies to in order to rule out all the other choices. Obviously it's like every other multiple choice test it's just the subtleties that'll get you.
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    I also spent so much time watching shon harris videos that I started to think she was pretty. QUOTE]

    Now that's a lot of time! icon_lol.gif
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    Nice. All of a sudden everyone at the office is looking at me wondering why I am laughing so hard.
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    There are a few things I could muse now about SH, but I must remaining the "mature moderator." icon_lol.gif
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    What's so bad about watching Carrot Top's older sister for a couple of hours a day for a few months? *shrug*
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    Just ordered a whole lot of new editions for my next attempt! Will see and compare when they arrive!
  • jackleejacklee Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Learning from vikung and others, to me it seems like I can't just read stuffs and then continuously take practice exams all time - like craimming. It seams like I need to both concurrently.
  • HumbeHumbe Member Posts: 202
    I really enjoyed reading the CISSP Study Guide - Eric Conrad.

    I read that book as a summary after reading the Shon Harris and taken 2 weeks worth of CCCure questions.
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