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I have a homework assignment. This one is on rotational ordering and seek strategy for disks
First one:

18 recordable surfaces
Rotational Speed: 10 ms
Transfer rate: 0.1 ms/track
Density Per Track: 19,000 bytes
Number of records to be stored = 200, 000 records
Size of each record: 160 bytes
Block Size = 10 logical records
Number of tracks per surface: 500

Find the following

a. Number of blocks per track
b. Waste per track
c. Number of tracks required to store the entire file
d. Total waste to store the entire file
e. Time to write all of the blocks (Use rotational speed; ignore time it takes to move to the next track.

Could you please give me the answers because I can't seem to figure to do this. I also will take how to do. Either or.


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    Just an observation: you may be the first person ever that was upfront about needing help with homework.
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    Ha ha, just straight up wants answers! I would say try to do the assignment and then if you get stuck somewhere ask for a clarification or a little help..
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    I will give you a starting point; the important given is the two time values and the disparity between them. Next I will give you a hint to go with the starting point; go find out what a cylinder is. Once you understand that then you will be on your way. Google is your friend and so is wikipedia. Go get-um tiger, welcome to our world and TE. Come back when you have made at least an attempt.
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