Might have been answered but I will ask anyway

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Alright here we go,

1. Which book would everyone recommend to study for the A+ cert? Both tests.
2. How much time have ya'll spent on getting ready to pass the test, my wife asked this question, since I am taking 6 hours at college and working 40 hours a week right now.
3. Any other resources you all would recommend?

Appreciate the help.
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  • paulgswansonpaulgswanson Posts: 311Member
    Transcender CompTIA A+ Certification Training | Practice Exams | Online Training

    The practice Exams on this site.
    You could be ready inside of a month if your aggresive or 2 if you only spend a little bit of time

    Definitly get as much hands on as you possibly can, it helps.
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    1. Mike Meyers' CompTIA Certification All-in-One (7th or 8th edition depending on series of test being taken). This covered both exams.
    2. I read each chapter and wrote out notes as I read (for retention purposes). I then reread my notes once. It took me roughly 3 weeks of 1-2 hours per day (skipping weekends).
    3. Not really a resource, but follow along with Mike as he uses commands in cmd, etc. Thats how you will get the most retention, as well as prepare you for future certifications, where commands, processes, and executions are highly important (Cisco, Microsoft, etc.) .
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    Find four hours a week and you should be ready in a month or so.

    I like Transcender, but I did A+ using entirely free practice exams and a $30 ExamCram book. In fact, I think it was how I find TechExams in the first place. I just don't think practice exams are worth it for A+. If you really have the money to blow and want to get it done, fine, but I was happy to have saved the money.
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    Like JB I used Mike Meyers 7th edition book and the CDROM with the practice questions to study. I skimmed over the chapters, did the questions at the end, made note of the areas I was weakest in, and then went back through the book more thoroughly and took notes. I regularly went through the practice questions on the disc that came with the book as well as this site and the Comptia site. I spent the last week or two at my job (getting laid off was what prompted me to finally get around to obtaining the cert) watching Professor Messer's tutorials as well. On average I probably spent a few hours on it a day, but I wasn't working at the time.
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    I used Exam Cram and Messer's vids.... skimmed through all-in-one book but i liked exam cram better. i think you'll pass with just prof messer's videos!

    This is embarrassing but it took me prolly 6 months to get A+, studying on and off. I even made a thread about it Lol!


    Looking back, i think I overstudied for the A+.. my advice is to just book the exam a month from now, so u can move on to bigger things

    best of luck!
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    I think your best bet would be to decrease either the amount of hours you're taking at school or the amount of hours you work. If you don't feel comfortable doing either of these things, or if your wife won't allow you to icon_silent.gif, you should wait until after you graduate.
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    Also try out Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Linux, Microsoft Certification Training. Really good training videos on his site and totally FREE!!!
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    Hmm, the six hours is not the problem, but we gotta make a living, I think I have a game plan and a better idea how I can do it, I do not have the luxury to wait another year before I graduate, I think I know what to do, at the most I will try to get it by the end of the year or sooner.
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