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I've been lurking on here for several weeks now in preparation for taking the tests. I passed the 701 on Monday and just passed the 702 today. The most difficult thing I found on the tests were several questions that seemingly had multiple correct responses that you would answer differently depending on the actual situation. It's a bit tough trying to answer based on what you think the test wants to hear. I also ended up overstudying screen resolutions and CPU slot specs, but then again I realize that questions on those things might have just not come up on the specific test I ended up with.

Anyways, I wanted to ask those of you who have passed how you listed the cert on your resume? I can't decided to put it in the Education section where my college degree is listed or in the Computing Experience section which lists operating systems, programming languages, and the like that I'm familiar with. So far this is the only cert I have.


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    well depending on how your resumé is structured, (ie. : Summary/Objective, Technical Skills, Experience, Education) you can put it in with other relevant technical skills you have. do a google search for "sample *position desired* resume" for some insight as to how you might want to fit it in, it is all up to you, but the flow of your resume should be structured and easily readable.. Have you considered posting your resume up on the Jobs section on top?

    You can edit out any personal information, and remove specific companies you have worked for. Might receive better feedback then on the A+ board.
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    I'd suggest you use multiple resumes and tailor the resume for the job you're applying for.

    If A+ knowledge or an A+ certification is stated as a prerequisite, I'd list it completely separate like this:

    CompTIA A+

    This ensures it stands out. If the job listing doesn't mention the A+ or A+ knowledge, I'd go with the computing experience section you mention.

    Good luck.
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    I have a separate section for Certifications.

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    ajs1976 wrote: »
    I have a separate section for Certifications.

    I do the same thing on mine.
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