Security Certified Program: SCNS, SCNP, SCNA Certifications Now Defunct??!

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I'm taking a Network Security class at a local community college. The textbook is "Guide to Tactical Perimeter Defense: Becoming a Security Network Specialist." The curriculum of the class is built all around this book, which is intended to prepare the reader for taking the Security Certified Network Specialist (SCNS) SC0-451 exam to receive the accompanying certificate.

My prof indicated that if I wanted to get the cert, she would give me an A for the semester despite whatever participation level I had all semester, or completion of assignments, or performance on tests/quizzes.

I started looking around today at how to register to take the test, and the SCP pages on both prometric and vue websites are missing. I called PearsonVue and was told that they discontinued administering the exam effective Oct 21, 2012. I tried to call the SCP offices in Geneva, IL and the number is disconnected. When I call their "international headquarters" in the UK, the man who answered said that they used to be affiliated with the man who ran SCP, but they aren't any longer and all he can do is forward a message for me.

I googled and googled and couldn't find any information at all on the discontinuation of all of their programs and certs, in fact it looks like they are still taking money online for people who want to order the book or courseware to prepare for the cert exam. They are even certified under the DOD 8570 plan as meeting qualifications for a few IAT levels with their various certs: SCNS, SCNP, SCNA.

Anyone have the scoop on this?


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