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I have been teaching myself PowerShell for the past few months, and decided the best way to learn it was to write a script that was way beyond my ability. After a few weeks of work, I have finished it. I was curious as to whether anyone in the TechExams community would have an interest in getting a copy of it to play with in a test environment or possibly build upon it. I'm sure the methods I used aren't the most efficient, and I would love to see where the script could be improved and how things could be done in a different way.

The script was written for Microsoft Exchange 2010. Its function is to produce a report detailing the mailboxes, their current sizes, previous sizes (if a previous report exists), and the percent increase or decrease from the last time the report was run. The script keeps track of the the data by writing the reports to CSV files before emailing them to an administrator. The emailed report is formatted into an HTML table.

It has been configured to ignore deleted mailboxes (which show up for a time after they are deleted when running Get-MailboxStatistics) and system mailboxes such as the Discovery mailbox. It keeps a maximum of eight previous reports (which can be changed by adjusting the variable) and stores the reports in a directory designated by the administrator.

I know there are applications out there that can accomplish the same goal, but the learning experience from attempting a project like this is so worth it. I highly recommend it.
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