VLANs & Subnets

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It seems like VLANs and subnets are often used together in a 1-to-1 relationship. What about the following scenarios?
  • A single subnet that is segmented with VLANs. Given that switch ports keep these separate, how are communications between two different VLANs handled? Even though they are on the same subnet, would they require a router to communicate? What are the security implications?
  • A single VLAN (or LAN) with multiple subnets. This case is more obvious to me and I realize that communications between subnets would require a router or layer 3 device. In this case, is the security implication that a host could be configured to be on either subnet (or both with two NICs) and can't easily be locked out of one or the other?
Any additional thoughts/implications are welcome.
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