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I am studying the Cisco Official Cert Guide, I begin to see some commands and I would like to do some labs, did you guys found any lab guide for this exam or just follow the same for Cisco CCNA:S

I am still thinking to buy rack time for the switching area and use GNS3 for the vpn and the rest. What do you recommend me?

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    I'd check out some configuration guides on Cisco's site and build out their scenarios. I'm not sure if I've seen any lab books for the NP:Sec/SECURE

    It might also depend on the topic, for TACACS/RADIUS stuff you run in a VM (, or FREERADIUS have free RADIUS and TACACS applications)

    VPNs (DMVPN, EZVPN), Zone-Based Firewalls, NAT, CoPP can all be built in GNS3
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    You gave me a good idea, check their scenario and replicate them, good.

    I need to type something when I am studying like the commands.

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