what do you think im worth?

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I know this is a personal question, but salary.com just doesnt seem right to me. it seems like they say i should be making more than i think i should, but i also feel that i am currently underpaid...heres a brief description of my knowlede/experience

22 yrs old in FL

- A+,NET+,SEC+,SERVER+,TICSA, (expect CCNA @ end of august and SSCP in december when its available next in my area)

-6 months from Network technology AS

- Current job: (6 months so far) Security Administrator/Network support specialist - my job is basically a level 2 network administratior, i report to the CIO directly, supervise the help desk technicians, provide all security, do all rollouts, administer win 2k/exchange/2 internal apps...

-previous job - (3 1/2 years) - self employed contractor - worked with companies such as starbucks, prudential corp, russel stovers, wal mart, many small-med businesses doing network administration, rollouts, repairs, wireless, help desk, security, migrations, etc.

-previous job - 6 month internship @ 800+ user, 10 site real estate corp - basic helpdesk work, in charge of server AV, did exchange 5.5-2000 migration.

currently paid $30K even a year for the above job. Salary.com says i should be making like 53K but i think thats a little high, however i think 30 is a little low...what do you guys think?
A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, TICSA, CCNA, MCSA, AS Network Engineering


  • TeKniquesTeKniques OSCE, OSCP, CISSP, CISA, SSCP, MCSE (03), Security+, Network+, A+, Project+ Member Posts: 1,262 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Sounds to me that your underpaid. How many people are above you?
  • ja5983ja5983 Member Posts: 129
    it goes me > CIO/DIRECTOR > COO > CEO
    A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, TICSA, CCNA, MCSA, AS Network Engineering
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    different area pays different, you can go to ACINET.org to check it out by location, might helps

    again, it depends on the company, the area and so on...

    good luck

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    I would say that you are definatly underpaid. I do less work than you probably, and get paid more, although, I'm hourly with OT if I can work it. But in your scenario, there aren't a lot of people above you it seems, so how much can they be making.....I would think even with that, you should be around 35-40k with that experience and the certs you have.
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    yeah thats the problem really, the IT department is abused when it comes to $$...the director of IT barely makes 50...yet the COO and CEO make over 100 each...im just trying to figure out a real world worth for myself just in case i choose to leave (rather when i choose to). Alot of these sites say I am worth alot more than i think i am though and im trying to figure out you guys opinions. I feel i am worth about $35-37.

    salary.com says im worth about 51-53
    Acinet says 36,400-45,400 which is more around where i am thinking
    A+, Network+, Server+, Security+, TICSA, CCNA, MCSA, AS Network Engineering
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    Also, completing your degree will add a few thousand to your worth.
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    Your only worth what someone is willing to pay you.
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    you are definatly worth more. you know alot more then i do and have the certs to prove it. I have no degree, only 4 years experiance with pcs and networking and i make 20+K more then you. I started at 26K 4 years ago and have doubled that since. I also have a sweet pension and benefits. (it cost me $10 to have a baby, lol) and im 28 years old. I think you age is what is screwing you. Anyway, i know what its like to feel ripped off. Find another job where you can move up and get paid what your worth. Florida does pay less then where im working (CT) but i think if you know what you say you do and are mature enough, you should be getting paid more. Where i am from, people are getting paid in the 30-45K range for phone support.
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    i thinks it's on the nose. really ...

    if you want more i think you have to set yourself apart from eveyone else your age with the same skillset.

    if you want to be different then everyone else you have to be a mutant.

    take brian mcgahan from internetworkexpert.com

    he's one of the youngest ccie's and one real smart cookie.
    he's set himself apart at a young age.
    otherwise your just a cookie-cutter with cookie-cutter certs and profiled by age to match salary.com

    Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593

    Brian McGahan is one of the youngest engineers in the world to have obtained the CCIE certification, achieving his CCIE status at a mere 20 years of age. Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE training classes for the past few years, and has assisted hundreds of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification.
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