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I am constantly reading my Comptia Network+ book and Cisco CCNA books. Because of funds I havnt attempted to take the exams yet. I'm hoping so by the end of the year because my wife just got accepted to grad school and I'm looking for a networking job that is local to help take care of our child. I just want to keep my knowledge as sharp as possible in case I get an opportunity for a network role. I have experience configuring routers and switches for my military training and I bought a router to keep as least the basics up. I want to know how to market myself better for computer networking jobs? Any help would thankful.


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    I would suggest looking for a NOC job and ultimately just applying for jobs that you feel you are capable of doing. A lot of times it's sufficient enough to say on your resume that you have a level of knowledge equivalent to a certain certification or even just knowledge of a certain technology that you haven't been certified in. That has helped me out a lot and as long as you can prove that you do have that knowledge in the interview then your employer shouldn't have a problem with you not being certified. Also what location are you in? Somebody on this site may be able to point you towards a good job that would hire you if we know what area you're in.
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