Tips and Tricks to get more Organized

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Any ideas?

I find myself going inbetween PST's and Windows folders.

Any innovative ideas for organization

Basically what I do now is build out all the projects I am managing in seperate folders and then any operational engagements as well. I then have a financial folder to keep all the invoicing in whether it be for billable items or general financial tracking.

Organization is something I am not great at. I am okay at best, but I really need to improve.

Something tells me practice is the key and the will to get better.


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    I have folders by general tech/task -<customer for email, and files in windows is organised in folders by customer -< project.
    The accounts are kept in their own folder and broken down by year, with another holding the entire list of invoices.

    Pretty much the same as you, I'm afraid. Maybe we can look towards how DBs are organised to find something different.
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    A key to staying organized is to have a daily task list that you create either at the beginning of the day or before the last day ended. This will streamline what needs to be done for the next work day.

    I also found out that creating appointments for yourself on your Outlook calendar can come in handy when needing to get things done. Everyday whether I need to or not I have a planning session with my teammate to see what we need to accomplish for today and may only take 15 minutes, but this 15 minutes is imperative to stay on track to see what needs to be accomplished.

    When you build out projects, are you using MS Project for project timelines and resources?


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    Great thread! Times was simpler back in the C++ and Analog days for me. I only had to deal with a database, Quicken, TurboTax, UPS, Fedex, my Data I/O, PC uprog, Paralax, and my Logical Devces Allpro88, and a couple of gangpro 8's. That left me tons of time for Halflife, Toys, golf, dirtbike riding, and girls.

    I remember when I got a 40 meg hard drive I thought It was gonna last forever! every Friday 25, 3-1/2" 1.44 meg floppies to do my weekly backup. Then I had a 250 meg tape set up auto, Oh so sweet!

    Now I have a HD's loaded with terabytes of crap/stuff,monkey bogger training video.pdf's! ouy Vhe.

    I swear i am goning to jam a MiniSD card under my skin!
    And people complain about ADD!
    I am going to start crapping Thumb drives

    I guess I'll give your advice a try, and Use MS project
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