Last 2 weeks in my current company.

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Hello Guys,

I am leaving my current company for a better role else where.

In my company you have to give a month of notice.

I have given mine and I have 9 more business days left.

I have lost all motivation to do work and is so bored.

I do not want to burn any bridges and I want to leave a good impression,

have anyone ever faced this? What did you guys do? Also how did you guys spend your last few weeks in your current company.


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    I think most people get that feeling. I would say not to burn any bridges and at least make an effort to appear to be working hard. You never know when you might see those people again or it might turn into a business opportunity. The company I left a couple of months ago still offer me contracting work on the weekends because they felt the job I did was great. If I had left them with a less-than-stellar opinion of me, I wouldn't have the opinion to make all that extra money on the side. Just food for thought.

    Hope the new job turns out well!
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    Based on your job role, it could be hard to do anything really. My last job most things required a lot of follow up, so on my last 3 days there was little for me to do. If I had to email 100 people and wait for their replies before creating their accounts, what's the chance they all write back right away?
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