ccnp without hands on ?

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Hello, I have CCNA and am looking at studying for CCNP.
Is it essential to have hands on lab access for CCNP or is it quite adequate to do self study with Packet Tracer ?

Thanks for any advice.


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    kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    Packet tracer isn't enough for this. It is good for CCNA and CCNA Subsidiaries. For CCNP you can use GNS3 for CCNP ROUTE but Switch it will be helpful if you have actual switches to work on.
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    MrBrianMrBrian Member Posts: 520
    Yes I would highly suggest using either GNS3 or building a home lab.. packet tracer falls short on many levels for the CCNP. Just doesn't support several of the topics covered.
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    chmorinchmorin Member Posts: 1,446 ■■■■■□□□□□
    If you manage to get your CCNP without work experience or otherwise valuable hands on experience, you're only putting yourself in a position to get an entry level job that you could of gotten with a CCNA. CCNP level jobs are looking for hands on experience in some specific area, be it data center implementations or advanced design situations. Jobs that usually have ~2-5 years worth of experience required.

    Don't get me wrong, keep studying. But focus more on getting the experience at this point in the Cisco career.
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