Server 2008 R2 remote Admin?

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Hey all I have 2k8 R2 Eval, running on a separate box from my main Win 7 ultimate setup. Question is what is the easiest way to remote admin into 2K8 i'm having no joy so far. Somebody give me the basics it would be much appreciated :) Also if you could include the things I need to make sure are right that would be helpful i.e same work group etc for future reference.
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  • discount81discount81 Senior Member Member Posts: 213
    Up the top on the right you will see "Configure Remote Desktop" click on that and Allow Connections
    Also "Configure Server Manager Remote Management"

    Make sure you download and install RSAT (remote server admin tools) for windows 7 and this allows you to do a lot of tasks without actually having to remote into the machine. - a blog I write about IT and technology.
  • StussyNzStussyNz Senior Member Member Posts: 177
    RDP connection into the device itself? Just create a RDP icon on your Main machines desktop and set the admin credentials/remote credentials. All you would have to do then is double click on the icon and you will be remotely connected to your physical 2K8 machine.
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