NAT'ing between identical networks

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How do you set up natting to bridge two networks with identical IP addresses.

I have two networks (for historic reasons and that can't be readdressed) of 149.150.x.x

Each is connected to a layer 3 switch that acts as there DFGW with the address 149.150.x.254.

the switchs are connected to each other via a Cisco router via point to point routed links.

My idea was that Switch A would have a static route for 10.1.x.x with a next hop of the router.

Switch B would have a static route for 10.2.x.x again with next hop of the router.

An then using NAT each subnet would so the other subnet as either 10.1.x.x or 10.2.x.x depending which direction the traffic is going.

Is this the best way to set this up? or are there better ways to bridge similar networks ?


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