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So whats the deal with cert guard? I thought that they were no longer in operation, but the site was still up, but I see activity on their forums from 2012. Either way, I always heard good things about them, and they, as we do, campaign against braindumps.

So I was very confused when I came upon mentions of questionable conduct by Mr. Williams, the CEO. Now, it appears that most of the concerns are in reguards to an article published in 2008 or around that time, where a Ethan Banks stated on his blog that he had used ******** (lets see what the filter says) Well, Mr. Williams made an article, that resulted in I believe, Mr. Banks being stripped of his CCIE. Now this incident appears to be a tradgedy, from reviews of Mr. Banks' blog, it appears that he legitimatly was unaware of the company's status, and he did not, in his opinion recieve exam questions. Some people claim that Mr. Williams libeled Mr. Banks, I disagree, what I read of his statements were perfectly logical, the individual in question used what is reguarded as a ****, and "promoted" (the use of this term could be debated, but the guy is passionate) a ****.

So i've seen several blogs mentioning this incident, and it seems like this incident is a poor reason to attack TG and Mr. Williams One, I wont post here, because the guy's points seemed rediculous and ended with a statement that **** didnt hurt the industry, but its the fault of the hiring managers...

this one: Rant: Who is Robert Williams and Certguard ? And are they moral or just plain stupid ?

I'm not seeing any immoral actions on the part of CG... maybe i'm missing something.

Now, I did see some debate that questioned whether CG was treating some providers with favoritism, saying some were brain **** when they werent, and vice versa, I dont know about that. So what does the community think?
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