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Hi guys!
I have a little experience with programming languajes such as C, C++, visual basic, and php. I decided to go with Java SE. I have been reading some books and doing little programs. I want to do something bigger, and I have read that Java EE must be my next step. Also, a programmer who works for a big company told me to don't spend too much time with swing and awt. My question is if I need spend more time with Java SE, or if I can jump to Java EE with minimum knowledge of Java SE. Can somebody recommend good book about java SE and Java EE?



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    Java SE is the fundamental Java platform. Java EE builds on it and adds addition frameworks and capabilities for "enterprise-scale" applications. You will need to start with learning the Java language itself before you jump into the specific of with SE or EE. You first need to install the Java 7 SE JDK, after which your biggest choice is, "Do I use Eclipse or NetBeans?"

    Your choice of Java development IDE will also influence the Java books you buy, as they tend to use only one of these IDEs. Some books attempt to teach Java by teaching the reader how to program too, which is not what an experiences programmer wants. Thumb through Java books at your local bookstore to find one whose information and style you like. Alternately, there are a lot of Java programming videos on YouTube that you might prefer.
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